Instructional Programs*

Please email for current rates and services.

Therapeutic Riding:  Private and group lessons are taught by PATH International-certified instructors designed to teach recreational horseback riding skills to individuals with physical, social, cognitive and educational needs.  Trained horse handlers and side-walkers are available to assist as needed.

Hippotherapy:  Equine-facilitated therapy is available for riders with specific and prescribed therapy goals.  Mounted sessions are conducted with a physician's prescription under the direction of a licensed physical, occupational or speech therapist, a certified therapeutic riding instructor and an appropriate number of volunteers performing the functions of horse leader and side-walkers. The horse's movement is used by the therapist to facilitate activity and normalize tone specific to the client's goals.

Equine Care and Management:  Ground lessons covering a broad range of equine care and management topics including horse handling, basic equine first aid, common equine health issues and treatment, grooming tools and techniques, barn maintenance and proper feeding and nutrition.

Horsemanship – Beginner:  Introduction to basic riding skills including balance, control and ring etiquette.  Riders learn to properly mount/dismount, walk, trot and perform simple riding patterns.  Lessons are taught by a qualified instructor and are available to adults and children five years of age and up.

Horsemanship – Intermediate:  Expand on basic skills by learning to canter and work over cavaletti, ride outside the ring, and execute simple dressage maneuvers.  Lessons are taught by a qualified instructor and are available to adults and children ten years old and over.   

Horsemanship – Advanced:  Lessons are tailored to individual rider’s goals.  Jumping and dressage instruction are available.  Lessons are taught by a qualified instructor and are available to adults and children fourteen and older. 

* Please note:  The weight limit for riders is 180 pounds.  


Cash, check and payment though social service or health care providers are the most common forms of payment.    To maintain affordability, Mane Event has not yet begun credit card payments.    

Weather Cancellation Policy 

Mane Event will cancel lessons when the following conditions exist or are forecast for lesson time 6 to 8 hours before lessons are scheduled to occur:

• the temperature or wind chill is below 32-degrees
• if the arena surface is frozen or excessively wet  and deemed unsafe by Mane Event Program Director
• winds exceed 25 mph
• tornado warnings, severe rain, hail, heavy snow or thunderstorms
• driving conditions are considered hazardous 

Please check with your instructor for confirmation.  

Cancellation Procedure:

1. Notice of blanket lesson cancellations due to inclement weather shall be made by the Mane Event Program Director only and shall be posted at The Program Director shall also notify instructors of cancelled lessons.  

2. If cancellations are made by the Program Director, the Mane Event instructor shall contact riders as soon as practical.  

3. Instructors shall contact the Mane Event Program Director immediately if either they or the rider cancel lessons without explicit instruction from the Program Director. Lessons cancelled by Mane Event shall not incur a charge to the rider. 

4. Cancellations by the rider due to weather conditions with less than the required notice shall be considered for credit by the Program Director.  

5. If riders or instructors are in doubt as to whether lessons will occur, they should call the Mane Event office at (443) 457-0232

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