MANE EVENT - Purpose, Programs and People


Mane Event is a Maryland-based, not-for-profit, equestrian-oriented education, care, and recreation program that serves individuals, community-based agricultural clubs such as 4-H, local horse and pony clubs, and riders of all ages, abilities, and skill levels.  As a program with a unique focus on special needs and physical therapy,  Mane Event assures that people who may not otherwise have the opportunity to experience equestrian recreation are able to do so.

Program Concept and Goals

It is Mane Event’s intention to:

  • Offer a broad range of equestrian-based recreational and educational programs from beginner to competition level to serve the community.
  • Increase the visibility of and accessibility to equine-based activities in Anne Arundel County. 
  • Serve established community-based equine groups and currently under-served individuals. 
  • Build a program accessible and complimentary to, other existing Anne Arundel-based programs and facilities in the immediate area especially Lindale Middle School, Andover Park and Andover Recreation Center and the BWI Trail.
  • Work cooperatively with complimentary state and regional programs.
  • Create an equestrian center that establishes an example of the best practices of agricultural land uses and conservation. 


Mane Event is dedicated to a Drug-Free Workplace; employees are subject to the Anne Arundel County's Substance Abuse Policy. Alcohol and smoking are prohibited on the property.   Staff and volunteers are subject to background and reference checks.  .

Mane Event does not discriminate based on age, nationality, religion, ancestry, race, gender or gender expression or sexual orientation. 

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